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Re: NFC: Re: off topic: turtle catching in January

On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Chris Hedemark wrote:

> water turtles and one of the big problems I've seen is during the
> hatching season, the hatchlings have to cross roads  to get to the salt
> marshes.  Or if you go back a few months, the big momma turtles get run
> over and all her eggs die with her.

This is a problem for many reptiles and amphibians in Kansas as well.  The
eastern and eastern ornate box turtles (tortoise actually) are slaughtered
in their thousands each year.  Often before they can lay their eggs.
Seems some idiots get a thrill out of hitting a turtle on the road.  I
personally try to look out for turtles that have been overturned by cars
and unable to right themselves.  I've rescued several of them that way.

Snakes and salamanders fare no  better.  In the city of Lawrence, KS a
highway has been built right through critical wetland habitat.  It's
completion has been delayed by repeated legal complaints but it will go
through eventually.  Money talks after all.  Every spring Smallmouth
salamanders (I think that is the species) are slain in their thousands as
they cross this highway to get to their breeding ponds.  The saddest thing
is that a german based firm came up with a road design that would have
allowed the highway to be built AND allowed safe passage for the
salamanders.   The Lawrence city council didn't give a damn though and
ignored the plans.  It would not have appreciably raised the cost
of construction either.  The killing grounds are primed again for another
slaughter in only a few short weeks...


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