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Re: NFC: A filter idea

"D. Martin Moore" wrote:
> Hmm, don't see how, but like I said I don't know, so I could be all
> wet :-)
> > I thought AC motor direction was set buy using a capcitor.

It can be, or it can be set by a shorted turn mounted near one pole in the
frame causing a favorable phase in one direction (called a shaded-pole
motor) It's easier to play such games with motors with magnetic fields all
generated with current through copper. When the rotor is a simple magnet, as
in most filters, it's probably not always so simple. With a centrifugal pump
with straight vanes, it just doesn't matter enough to try to force
directionality. The downside is a severe tendency to lock at start. Ever
have to shake one to get it running?


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