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Re: NFC: report on public meeting: Indiana big fish kill

Thats what you need to  do keep all your emails we will merge them into
one document  call it the XYZ Fish Kill chronical and put it on the
website as a article....When this is ALL done we will put it on the
website ...keep up the good work it should be a great resource for other
local activists.

On Tue, 11 Jan 2000 20:25:01 EST CEFCHURCH at aol_com writes:
> In a message dated 1/11/00 5:42:45 PM US Central Standard Time, 
> robertrice at juno_com writes:
> << Chuck all your efforts should be kept as a big long text file for 
> us to
>  put on the website so others can get historical persspective on 
> fish
>  kills what happened in your case will probably happen again and 
> again...!
>  Let me know   >>
> I'm a little unsure of exactly what you want me to do.  
> I will be glad to keep all my posts in one file and try to figure 
> out how to 
> also get scanned appropriate documents I obtain as well as links to 
> local 
> newspaper articles.  Who do I send the stuff to?  Anything else I 
> can do?
> Chuck Church
> Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Robert Rice
Join the NFC and help save our fishes.   http://www.nativefish.org/ 

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