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Re: NFC: A filter idea

I thought AC motor direction was set buy using a capcitor.


Andrew Dalton wrote:

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> > Not talking about swept vs. stright vanes, but the direction of
> > rotation would be extremely important in my design.  How do you
> > design an AC motor to have a preferred direction of rotation?  I
> > guess I always assumed they all turned in only one direction.
> The type of motor found in power filters seems to be unique to these filters
> and small submersible pumps.  Efficiency is probably being sacrificed for
> compactness and simplicity.  Presumably, applications requiring larger
> motors call for something much more efficient.
> The humidifier in my apartment contains two square-shaped, brushless AC
> motors that operate the fans.  Obviously, such motors must have a single
> direction of rotation.  Unlike power filter motors, they do not contain
> permanent magnets.
> Andrew Dalton

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