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NFC: RE: Scientific collecting permit

Very kewl Luke,

Have you ever Been To Atchison Kansas?  Benedictine College is there, and
they may be interested in what you're doing to :)
Dan Bowen is the head of the bio department.

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I have been granted a Scientific Collection Permit by the State of Kansas
in affiliation with the NFC.  While I expect I won't have to use it, it
will allow me the option of collection techniques I am not able to use
under normal statewide bait collection laws.  I was also able to fill in
the regional supervisor for Kansas Wildlife and Parks on the NFC and it's
goals as well as drop off a half a dozen or so pens at the office for
public use.  Which were still there and in use several days later.  I also
gave them two Longear Sunfish and two Slender Madtoms for a 55 gallon
native Kansas fishes dispaly tank they had set up.  It was mostly
gamefish, but the supervisor was enthusiastic when I offered these
specimens to him.

The collection permit is to be used to collect specimens for breeding, and
life histories studies and the collected specimens are designated for the
NFC breeders program.  If I collect any specimens for the program under
this permit, I have promised that any data will be shared with the state
of Kansas.