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Re: NFC: Scientific collecting permit

Great Job Luke ...Its amazing whaT A LIL SWEAT AND A PLAN WILL DO FOR

On Mon, 10 Jan 2000 11:56:39 -0600 (CST) mcclurg luke e    
<mcclurgl at washburn_edu> writes:
> I have been granted a Scientific Collection Permit by the State of 
> Kansas
> in affiliation with the NFC.  While I expect I won't have to use it, 
> it
> will allow me the option of collection techniques I am not able to 
> use
> under normal statewide bait collection laws.  I was also able to 
> fill in
> the regional supervisor for Kansas Wildlife and Parks on the NFC and 
> it's
> goals as well as drop off a half a dozen or so pens at the office 
> for
> public use.  Which were still there and in use several days later.  
> I also
> gave them two Longear Sunfish and two Slender Madtoms for a 55 
> gallon
> native Kansas fishes dispaly tank they had set up.  It was mostly
> gamefish, but the supervisor was enthusiastic when I offered these
> specimens to him.
> The collection permit is to be used to collect specimens for 
> breeding, and
> life histories studies and the collected specimens are designated 
> for the
> NFC breeders program.  If I collect any specimens for the program 
> under
> this permit, I have promised that any data will be shared with the 
> state
> of Kansas.
> Luke

Robert Rice
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