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NFC: Fw: Native American Fish

Saw this on a newsgroup: Thought maybe u guys could help him out.
And to the guy that send it. I send it to two mailing list that I thought
could help u.
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From: Doug and Lois <norcroed at bellsouth_net>
Newsgroups: alt.aquaria
Date: Wednesday, January 05, 2000 10:19 PM
Subject: Native American Fish

>I have been keeping fish for years and am looking for something different.
>The answer is right in my own hometown. Native American Fish! But, before I
>dive into this, I have some questions for anyone with real knowledge they
>are willing to share. I have checked out the websites for the North
>Native Fishes Association and the Native Fish Conservancy. They are great
>sites but deal more with wildlife management issues and fish identification
>than the nuts and bolts of aquarium care. So I wonder who might be able to
>help me out. Currently my idea is to set up a 200 or so gallon tank and
>feature various types of sunfish and their relatives. Some specific
>questions include:
>1. Compatibility of these fish. Can sunfish of various species be kept in a
>tank of this size without continuous open warfare?
>2. Compatibility with other species. Can sunfish be kept with other species
>(Dace and/or Darters for example) without the latter serving as a between
>meal snack?
>3. Feeding? Can these fish be fed commercially and readily available
>products or will I need to set up a worm farm in my back yard?
>4. Plants. Can these fish share a tank with plants or will they tear them
>like African Cichlids would?
>5. Finally, and most importantly, does anyone know a source (preferably
>on-line) where small numbers (i.e. not a wholesaler willing only to ship in
>lots of 100 fish) of Native American fish can be obtained. In particular I
>am interested in species not native to South Carolina (my home). These I
>obtain with a net or line or whatever the Department of Natural Resources
>says is legal. Then again, if someone knows where I can legally obtain
>species without the hassle of hunting them down  myself, that would be
>helpful as well.