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Live food beginner

I am starting a new tank.  This is the first week of the cycle in which
I am using tetras.  Eventually I am planning to put in a pair of
Apistogramma.  My set up is a bit unconventional in that it is a 30
gallon hex (i.e.  tall) with a wet/dry set-up so it has an overflow box
that likes to take away anything that floats on the top.

Here are my questions:
What sort of cultures would be best for the circumstances described
Where do I get the cultures to start (other than brine shrimp, I've done
How is the best way to get the food down to the bottom of the tank?

Thanks in advance.
Here is my email in case this is the sort of message that seasoned list
members don't need to see.

jeffdb at flash_net