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Re: Daphnia (was LFD V2 #518

Hello Dan,

Apparently the success in breeding Daphnia (and related critters)
depends very much not only on the strain of the animal you happen to
have, but also on your water and culturing conditions. In my hands, the
"Russian" strain of Daphnia does not do much. From time to time I do
get, as you call it, a pulse, but that is about it.

Also *Moina micrura* -- whose population is supposed to double in 24 h
-- in my hands, barely hangs on.  I have had it only a few months, so
there is a chance that they will get used to my water, or to whatever it
is that slows their reproduction rate.

My currently "best" strain is a cladoceran collected in a local bog.
After initial pulses, crashes, etc. they stabilized and, if not
neglected, reproduce quite satisfactorily.



> I would not suggest picking a wild strain of Daphnia unless nothing else is    > available. Cultures long in captive cultivation have adapted and been
> selected to be easy to keep. There are lots of different strains. I have kept
> over a dozen and would recommend two as the best. My top pick is the Russian
> strain maintained in Detroit by Jim Langhammer and widely distributed to
> members of the American Livebearer Association.