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Microworms, Miracle Grow, Yeast.


  I mix 50/50 instant potato flakes and sugar plus maybe 5% dried yeast.
Then add just enough water until is starts to "puddle up" and then add some
worms from an old culture.  If it seems to wet, it's easy to add more potato

I've often thought that it would be easy enough to send just a tiny starter
culture in a baggie inside a plain mailing envelope  If anyone is desperate
to get a Microworms culture, send me your address and we'll give it a shot.

Miracle Grow:

I've always been afraid that the copper in Miracle Grow would be toxic to
the Daphnia-apparently a pinch in 50 gallons is a non-lethal dose-thanks for
the voice of experience!.  The separate grow-out tank also would help avoid

Yeast:  Here in CA we have a "bulk food" store called "Smart & Final".  They
sell a 2-pound vacuum-sealed bag of Baker's Yeast for $3-4.  That's pretty
tough to beat price-wise, and it's worked great for my Daphnia.