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Re: feeding micro worms

Karsten writes:

>  I discovered some small worms
>  swimming in several of my Moina cultures. They moved just like microworms 
> but
>  were about 3 times larger. My idea is that I may accidentally have 
> transferred a
>  few micro worms to my Moina cultures. Because my Moina are fed every day, 
> the
>  micro worms may suddenly have had chance to grow larger.

It's a different, but closely related whiteworm.  Still good food for your 
fish if you can get it into a harvestable form, but it's not microworms.  
There's bunches of different nematode-type critters out there, and some of 
them are harmful to crops, so don't mention this to any farmers you may have 
an aquaintence with.

Bob Dixon