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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #461

Hello Scot,

I wonder whether any LFS has a few sets left taking up room in the
store? I would gladly buy two sets!

My "Tetra Original" is a little beaten up, mended with epoxy, but
serviceable. When it fibally goes, I'll be left "siftless" :-)




 > Many years ago Tetra made a sift set with four sizes of plastic mesh.
> one fit into the others. the smallest mesh even strained out the almost all
> of the smallest mosquito larvae out. That was useful because they are
> softbodies and a lot smaller than baby brine shrimp nauplii.
> It was easy to put the stack into a large mouthed gallon pickle jar. The top
> of those jars, commonly available in the Chicago area, is about 10 mm or 4
> inches. Stores that sell food in bulk have the most. Go for the glass ones -
> as opposed to plastic.
> I wish the Tetra Sifts were still in production.