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Re: Netting larva

Just a couple of ideas to expand on Scott's comments.

1. re: Large containers.  You could cut out the bottom of a pail and silicon a fine mesh across the hole.  Attach a nylon rope to the handle and leave the pail sit on the bottom.  As the larva ddive down, you pull the pail upwards to capture them.  You could even rig a pully to hve the rope off to the side you could pull up the pail without your shadow looming over the larva, which drives them down in the first place.

2. Grass clippings.  Taking Scott's suggestion of using larger clumps of green things.  I wonder if you could acheive the same level of 'stink' factor if you wrap and tie the greens in cheescloth, just like the ZFrench chefs do with herbs.  This would be easier to remove/avoid during netting.

Bill Vannerson
McHenry, IL