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There's no telling how long those eggs sat on a shelf under non-ideal
conditions. :-(  But if you leave your bucket out, you should see some
mosquito egg rafts soon.

> When could I get any aquarium live food (brine shrimp? Daphnias? ) in
> Canada or mail order?

There are some scientific supply places that sell daphnia, but it's
expensive for a small order, shipping, etc.
My question to you is....Why don't you go out to a local pond or vernal
pool and collect some?  Let me tell you they are readily available
everywhere.  Take a shrimp net and a specimen container and run it
through the water at the shore line.  Dump it in your container with
some water and see what is there.  If the water is still and there is
decaying matter in it there should be daphnia.  I recently found them in
a slow moving river (imagine my suprise(along with fairy shrimp)).
Some hints:  They prefer the shaded water and can congregate in large
Make sure that you do not get algae with them!  It may kill them and
cause a problem in your tank (hair algae)
All you need is a few as they will prob be female anyways and have a
pulse  within a week if conditions are right (food mostly)
Once you know what you are looking for you will be amazed that you never
before considered going out and catching them live in the wild.  It is
so much easier then a culture and you do not have to worry about it