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Where to get live food (Daphnia) in Canada?

Non-member submission from ["Luke Piasecki" <lukep at sympatico_ca>]

From: "Luke Piasecki" <lukep at sympatico_ca>
Subject: Where to get live food (Daphnia) in Canada?
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 15:25:33 -0400

Hi everyone,

My local stores don't carry live foods (except for frozen which is no
fun) so I tried for my own culturing. Mosquito larvae will eventually
find my bin with water (by the way when do mosquito larvae come out from
their eggs? Night? Before or after the rain?). The brine shrimp I was
told produces crappy yield so I have decided to go for Daphnia.

I used tap water, waited a week and then added some dry grass, FE and
some house plants fertilizer. The water turned green after a few days. I
have also added a bit of peat. Then I have bought Daphnia eggs called
'ZooPlankton' : Daphnia/Moina produced by Triops Inc. I have added the
eggs and it's been over 5 days and no Daphnias are visible... Any ideas?

When could I get any aquarium live food (brine shrimp? Daphnias? ) in
Canada or mail order?

Thank you,