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Re: Moina (LFD V2 #442)

Actually the switch to sexual reproduction is one of the good things about
this species.  Very often we over feed and crash the culture.  The eggs
hatch fairly quickly and allow the culture to bounce back in a few days.
Also this species seems to be one of the smaller species and the immatures
are compareable to artemia naupli.

Much of this work has been publised in the Honolulu Aquarium Society's
Newsletter and I am sure that Dr. Tamaru would be willing to share
information just drop him a line.  I think they are looking for other
species of moina to compare, reporductive potential, nutritional value,
etc. his e-mail address is:

ctamaru at hawaii_edu

Check out these links:


>Dr. Tamaru? Tell me more: where he wrote this. Saint-Jean & Bonu
>(1994, Hydrobiologia 272: 147-161)  found, that M. micrura tends to
>switch to sexual reproducion followed by a (temporary) crash of the
>population. This is also my experience. Other species of Moina, such
>as M. brachiata or M. macrocopa, seems to be better for cultivation.
>If  have none of these.
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