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Daphnia Temperatures

Although I've read a lot about Daphnia spp. over the last few years, I'm
curious as to what temperature tolerances people have found for Daphnia
_in practice_.

I've kept Daphnia magna (for a few months last year. I'm currently tried
to reaquire a starter culture) which I introduced to my pond last year but
they didn't seem to do well and so didn't survive the winter (and Irish
winter's rarely go more than 1/2 degrees below zero).

I have great success with Daphnia pulex. It too was introduced to my
pond and not only survived the winter but did so well that they number now
in the hundreds of thousands (and they live with a lot of
goldfish). It also seems to have a very high temperature tolerance,
even doing very well in shallow black containers in the sun all day (I
can't even begin to wonder how high the temperature of that water must

If someone could tell me what they've found magna's tolerances to be, and
how well it has done at those temperatures, I would be very grateful.


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