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Daphnia Problem

Yes, I have a daphnia problem. The problem is that I have way too much
of it. Any one out there with a good plan for keeping large concentrated
numbers of these guys alive? My wife won't let me do the out door kiddy
pool thing and the fish in my fish ponds seem to eat it up pretty fast.
I tried adding an airline (no air stone and big slow bubbles) but that
almost seemed to make the numbers go down. I added a large amount to all
my tanks. I figured that I will not need to feed them for at least a

I have this really good collection site where I can easily catch many
more in a mater of a few minutes but this water hole will eventually dry

By the way, if any one in Oregon finds themselves in the Corvallis area
any time soon and would like to collect some. send me an email and I can
show you my secret spot. Plan on bringing home a large amount though.