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Re: Moina (LFD V2 #442)

On Sun, 23 May 1999 03:58:02 -0400 (EDT), Owner-Live-Foods at actwin_com
(Live Foods Digest) wrote:

>Hi George,
>	The people in Hawaii have been working with this crustacena quite
>intensively and have gotten it identified to Moina micrura.  Apparently, in
>previous experiments Dr. T and Co have been able to get the cultures to
>double in density every 24 hours.  Nice as you can harvest half the culture
>and have the same ammount every day.  It don't quite work for me as the
>cool conditions outside are slowing them down.  Also there has been a lot
>of work by Dr. Tamaru regarding the, sizes, fatty acid profiles, etc.
>	Aske me about the culture off list.

Dr. Tamaru? Tell me more: where he wrote this. Saint-Jean & Bonu
(1994, Hydrobiologia 272: 147-161)  found, that M. micrura tends to
switch to sexual reproducion followed by a (temporary) crash of the
population. This is also my experience. Other species of Moina, such
as M. brachiata or M. macrocopa, seems to be better for cultivation.
If  have none of these.



Stephan Pflume
Abt. Vegetationskunde und Populationsbiologie
Wihlelm-Weber-Str 2. 37075 Goettingen