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Re: Moina (was LFD V2 #440

Hello Jim,

I have been looking for the *true* Moina for the past two years. Several
people claimed that "their" Cladoceran is Moina, but upon closer
examination it turned out to be Daphnia or Bosmina.

I am not certain, that the glowing reports about raising Moina really
pertain to Moina! If it is that common -- easily bred by the millions --
how come none of the dealers selling Live Food cultures have it?

Even a firm that puts out a manual on raising live food for fishes
(mostly marine) -- and has culturing directions for Moina -- does NOT
have them. A person there told me "they are easily obtainable from pig
farmers" -- say, what?

If you find the elusive Moina, please remember me! I'll trade or buy
them from you.



> Hello everyone,
> I am looking for Moina. Anyone out there have some? Will trade a starter of
> my small redworms for them. Or I'll send $ .
> Jim Eller  je3 at aol_com  or jeller at ford_com
> Michigan-USA
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