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RE: redworms/ which fish eat them.


I feed my red worms to Angels, Discus, Bettas, Large Killies like Blue
Gularis and Fallax,
My oscars, severums and dempseys love them. My Gardneri (Nsukka, P-82,
Akure, Jos Plateau) and even Australes will eat them when the fish are full
grown. My native fish, sunfish, bluegill etc. also eat them with gusto.
I don't chop them up. If I do anything I chop them in half before feeding
them to the fish.
Try feeding the tiny smaller worms instead of the full grown worms. In my
worm culture there are always thousands of tiny pink and white immature
worms in the bedding material I use. The tiny red) worms in my bedding
material are just slightly larger than my full grown white worms.           

Jim Eller
> Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 13:46:49 -0700
> From: KAnderson at psg_ucsf.edu
> Subject: What eats red worms
> 	I have a culture of red worm.  I can't get any of my fish to
> eat.  I have Gouramis and livebearers and a Gar. I cut them 
> up to about
> a " and the still don't eat them.  Do I need to get some 
> cichlids or a
> big catfish?  Or should I put the red worms out in the garden 
> and stick
> with the white worms?
> 	Kim