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Re: Q: Setup for snails

I don't think you need to worry about the pathogens from another tank
containing fish. Fish are usually considered a secondary host to those
types of pathogens that use snails as part of their life cycle. To
complete their life cycles, The parasites usually need a third host,
usually a mammal or bird, that eats the fish. This third host is what
infects the snails, either by excrement in the water or by dying and
decomposing in the water. As long as your snails are from an inside
source, I think you are safe.

My snail tank is a 10 gallon planted tank that I keep on my office desk
that only contains plants. I occasionally use it for a grow out tank for
killies. There is no heat and no light (or top) for the tank. It is all
natural including the soil/sand/rock substrate. I keep both aquatic
plants and bog plants in the tank. This gives more demension to the
tank. Some of the plants that grow out of the top of the tank are
lizards tail, umbrella palm, and arrowhead sagataria. This tank has very
dense plant growth. I never add any food to the tank. I can usually seem
to harvest as many snails as I need with out ever noticing a diminished
supply. I harvest around 20-25 weekly to give to a friends turtle.

Good luck