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to Roy Fox et al, re: African dwarf redworms

They were at the same auction, Wadsworth, Ohio, Medina County Aquarium 
Society, where I first obtained them a few years ago. Thorney and Linda 
Pattenaude put a starter in the auction which I bought. He obtained them from 
the same source I originally did, Trevor and Sue Edwards, of Columbus Ohio. I 
talked to him at the auction, and he has several cultures going. He is 
raising them in a cool basement and they have adapted well. He is calling 
them dwarf red worms, but they have the white babies that gradually turn red, 
and he got them from Sue. I've seen them, set them up in my warm fish room, 
and I'm sure they are the same strain I had before. I just left a message on 
his machine to see if he wants to send them out himself, or if I can get more 
and forward them.