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Re: bugs


You asked about harvesting live critters.  My apartment in NYC had the
distinct feature  of being accessible to a lot of flies, especially in
the summer. I didn't appreciate this resource until I had the bright
idea of feeding them to my fish. They loved them! I read the following
in Aquarium Fish magazine several years ago and thought it was a
wonderful idea. I.ll be trying it myself this summer> FLIES - on a sunny
but not windy day  take a dead  fish (or something equally smelly)
outside and place it on a suitable flat surface. Put a large clear
plastic bag  (of the kind large fish come in)  upside down over the
fish. Fold  up one corner so that the flies  can crawl under the opening
and get to the fish. Check it occasionally and when a number of flies
have accumulated in the bag,   carefully approach it. When you do this
the flies will then fly up into the bag. At that moment close the bottom
of the bag. Now, put the bag directly in the freezer or sling the bag
down to stun the flies and pour them into a container. Place container
in freezer. On a good day you can collect a year's supply of flies.