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Re: Live Foods Books

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>  Just curious, Is this a re-release?
Live Foods by W. Volkart  
I could be wrong, but the author's names sounds familiar from old booklets on 
the hobby. Guess I'll have to order it to find out.

 I do have Live Foods for the Aquarium and Terrarium by Willy Jocher. It's a 
1973 TFH republication of a 1966 Studio Vista Ltd. translation of the 
original 1965 German book. A more literal translation of the German title 
would be Foods for Terrarium Animals, and a significant part of the book 
advises what lizard eats what food. And it is not all live foods.

There is also a TFH booklet Live Foods for Aquarium Fishes by Robert Gannon. 
This is the most inaccurate live foods book I've ever seen, and unfortunately 
the author's way off-base opinions are presented as fact. He is a 
propagandist for commercial flake food, which is amazing because when he 
wrote the book, commercial flake foods offered to the hobbyist in this 
country were pretty lousy. The best feature of this book is it was published 
in 1960, and I hope it is never republished in a fancy full color illustrated 
format with no publication date.