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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #420

Thanks every one for the ISBN number. I will give it to them tomorrow.
While I was surfing along however, I came across another book. Has any
one heard of it?

Book: Live Foods
          Author: Volkart, W.
          Publishing Date: 10/1998 |
          Publisher: T F H Publications, Incorporated
          Binding: Trade Cloth | ISBN: 0793801370

Here is what Amazon.com says:

Live Foods
                                                          by W. Volkart
                                                          List Price:
                                                          Our Price:
                                                          You Save:
$6.88 (30%)

(March 1999)
Publications; ISBN: 0793801370
                                                          Not Yet
Available: You may still order this title. We will ship it
                                                          to you when it
is released by the publisher.
Sales Rank: 1,169,120

Has anyone heard about this book? Barnes and Nobel have it for a peny
cheaper. Their add says it will ship in 3 - 5 weeks.

Just curious, Is this a re-release?