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> also keep in mind you may not want to feed these in planted set ups
> as they will quickly eat ever plant in sight.

I didn't find this to be true at all. I have gammarus all over the
place. You can culture them in about anything that will hold water. I
have fed the ones I cultured plant trimmings from my tanks. I have them
in many tanks and have never had any problem with them attacking or
eating any live healthy plants except one. The only plant that I've seen
them eat is Java Moss, which they will munch down to little strings. If
you don't have Java moss in your tanks though they also will eat hair
algae. If you have egg layers that don't provide parental care in the
tanks I wouldn't use them as they may eat the eggs. I don't bother
culturing them anymore as they seem to do quite well in tanks they are
in anyway and the fish don't seem to be all that interested in eating
them, but I raise mostly smaller fish.



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