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Re: Fruit fly media

> >im looking for a good proven reciepe and info on culturing fruit fly 
> >media.
> >karen
> I got my wingless from Carolina Biological and their white media.
> I have had what I call good results from Car. Bio media.
> The price was right, so I don't mix my own.  time vs money, and I felt 
> that the media price was cheap.
> Tim

Hi Karen-

I was making my own fruit fly media, but it was a *major* pain because
it gets moldy really fast (about towards the end of the second
generation).  If you want to try it I use Dave Lains recipe- 
one filmcan of instant potato mix, one of water, 3/4 teaspoon sugar
and a pinch of yeast on top.

I just ordered the Carolina Biological media.  Turns out it is only
$4.95 for a liter (or $14.35 for 4 liters) plus $5.95 for shipping.
Much cheaper than I had expected- and if it extends the life of the
cultures, well worth it.  The phone number for ordering is
1-800-334-5551.  They have a webpage (http://www.carolina.com/) but they
don't have their catalog online.


Jennifer L. Greene . jgreene at jimmy_dfci.harvard.edu . jgreene at killi_net