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Re: Culture Manual

I have the Plankton Culture Manual and Rearing, Spawning, Conditioning.....,
the companion book. Also Breeding the Orchid Dottyback gives a lot of insight
into raising live food to keep delicate fish fry alive in a personal dairy
style. You can get these from Florida AquaFarms. I have loaned out my PCM in
the past which is one reason why I now have the latest edition. If you belong
to a local fish club, they may have these in their library. They should, even
if they are not marine-oriented.  <A HREF="http://www.aquaculture-
supply.com/">Aquaculture Supply Home Page</A>  If this URL does not work,
email me and ask for my favorite live food sources. Take care, Dan Mc
mcdaphnia at aol_com