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greenwater and rotifers

  Subject: Green water & Rotifers

  I am also wanting to establish a Daphnia culture once I can assure 
  sufficient greenwater to support them.  Any words of wisdom ? 
  Dan Seattle. 

 I recommend you also buy some nanochloropsis cryopaste from inland
seafarm.  You can purchase this from www.brineshrimpdirect.com  You keep
the paste in the freezer and the glycol prevents cell damage to the
microalgae by keeping it viscous instead of frozen.  You will need this
incase your microalgae fails or crashes.  I have started my daphnia
cultures using this paste.  The nanochloropsis is the only one of their
algaes that is suitable for both fresh and saltwater.  It keeps for well
over a year as long as it is kept in the freezer.  A little bit of the
paste goes a long long way and makes getting a daphnia culture to bloom
child's play. You can also use it to supplement your algae cultures.
Baby brine shrimp and brine shrimp eat it too.