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Destroy the shredder?

Hello again group,
	and yes I have tried paper shredders and those long handle paper
cutters. I used one at the Office Depo several months ago, they told me to
buy my own paper cutter to tear up. I pulled the handle out of place with
one slice through the many cuts to make the chips. I have tried heavy duty
shredders and only clogged them. We have three paper cutters here at the
Ink Co. but, not hjeavy enough to cut the corrugated.
	There is another type of paper cutter used by the printers to cut
business cards etc. These cutters slice through 2 to 4 inches of paper in
one stroke. The give of the corrugated messes with a clean cut, but it will
work. Bottom price is a good relationship with a printing Co. Cardboard is
a tough material to deal with.

Charles H.

Charles H. Harrison, Ph. D.
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