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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #385

To:	Owner-Live-Foods at actwin_com
Subject: Ghost shrimp (grass/glass) Questions
> Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999 13:04:11 -0600
> From: "Bill Hamlin" <wjhamlin at hydro_mb.ca>
> How long do ghost shrimp carry their eggs?

It can be several weeks, depending on water temp.  They don't necessarily
release them all at once either.  I once had a female molt when she still
had a few eggs/larvae attached.  That's one way to get the kids to leave

> Any comments or pointers for ghost shrimp breeding?

While they are interesting critters in their own right, I think if you
want to raise enough to be useful as live food, you will need a large
vat.  You might try a kiddy wading pool in the backyard in the summer.
Build a plastic tent over it to keep it warm during cold spells, but
be careful it doesn't get too warm and cook them!