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Re: cardboard chips

OK but this is not pretty. The chips start as a box we use to ship four - 1
gallon boxes of ink jet ink.

Collapse the box, remove tape and lay it down on the work bench with the
open end toward me. I put a new blade in a Sears Utility knife for each
batch I make. A really sharp knife is most important second only to a very
good and sharp pair of scissors. Don't skimp, your hands will pay!

I make slices about 1/4 inch wide down the width of the box. If I start
with a target of 1/4 inch, the sections range from a quarter to about 3/8
inch wide. Next is to cut the strips into chips. A good pair of scissors
from Office Depo makes the difference. I also wear a pair of those brown
Jersey work gloves for cushion. A two of three inch wide group of 3/8 inch
strips is about all the scissors will cut. A little patience and
perserverance reduces the entire Ink Jet Ink Box to 1/2 inch square chips
(mostly square, anyway) within an hour or two.

this stuff is great. It doesn't stink and it acts as both medium and food.
All you need to do is to keep it moist and try to keep the mites out of it.
Nothing really seems to like the mites to eat. they just float around in
the water until they die. No problem, or at least they haven't been a

OBTW, I still have some more of these DST3 Dissolved Solid Testers for
measuring dissolved solids and water hardness or whatever if anybody is
interested in them. The price is $30 plus postage, which is usually about
$5. e-mail me personally if you are interested in one of the testers.

>From: ruddigar at home_com
>Subject: cardboard chips
>How do you get all those chips?  I've tried cutting them myself, but all I
>get are a few chips and sore hands after an hour's work.  There must be an
>easier way!
> Jason Miller
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