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Re: Redworms and Steaks

Hello group and Bill,
This is Charles Harrison in St Louis. I have raised red wigglers for years
in Styro boxes without holes in them I just leave the lid up a little when
needed. My best success has been to use the best insulated styro boxes from
a pharmaceutical delivery. These boxed have walls about 1 to 1.5 in thick.
The best results have been with boxes about 10 to 12 in deep.
	I fill the box about half full with 3/8 in square card board chips
and wet them down with DI water. One cup of worms from the local bait shop
and in three weeks the box will be crawling with the most productive red
wiggler culture there is.
	You should open the box at least once a day just to remove worms
for feeding. This will keep you informed as to the living conditions of the
live food you need, and what they need. If it is too wet the worms will
crawl up the sides and want out. It it is too dry, the worms ball together.
Styrofoam boxes work fine. The worms tell the tale about wet or dry.

More info about the corrugated chips if you need it.
	later Charles H.

	>Thanks for the tips.  With the need for holes in the bottom, it
sounds as if styro boxes are not as well suited to the task as plastic tubs
would be.
>BTW, I know that a damp, but not wet, culture is ideal.  Has anyone tried
>those moisture probe for houseplants to automatically dampen the culture?
>>>BTW, what beer did you have with those steaks???  <<
>Unfortunately, one of our vendors sent the steaks to our President and
>VPs.  I claimed the boxes but they came without the meat. :-(