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redworms and steaks :)


-> I have some Omaha Steak styros that have a tight fighting top.  Would 
-> these be suitable worm containers if I drilled a bunch of holes in 
->  the top for air circulation?

-> Bill Vannerson

Bill, you also need to drill some holes in the side and on the bottom
for effective air circulation and for drainage, The mass will generate
heat, causing the hot air to lift and exit through the top.  It would be
good for fresh air to be pulled in through the bottom.  Also, the holes
in the bottom are needed for drainage of excess water, or the culture
can go sour.  Make sure you put a pan under the bottom to catch excess
moisture.  Worms will not leave the culture if you do it this way. Worms
leave cultures because the conditions are not to their liking, that is
standing water with nowhere to go and a lack of air circulation in the
deepest layers.  

BTW, what beer did you have with those steaks???   If you have real nice
tall Pilsener glasses, you can use them as brine shrimp hatchers.  They
are the perfect shape for hatching cysts and several of them can be place
in heated 10 gallon tanks. Remember to leave two of those Pilsener
glasses for refreshing yourself as you putter around the fishroom :)