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You might want to check the condition of your tub.  If the conditions
are not sutable then they will try to relocate.  You might want to chect
the lowst layer of you bin.  If it soggy then the worms will no loger
want to be there.  That is the breeding layer.  Holes in the bottom
covered with a fine mesh screen will allow drainage.  You would of
course want to sit this in another tub, raised a bit so the water will
drain.  Also if there is not enough food for the amount of inhabitants
they will try and spread.  After you are done with your morning coffee.
Throw the grounds and the filter in your tub.  This is one of the best
foods.  Also remember 1lb of worms will consume 1lb of garbage.
Shredded newspaper, peels of most vegtables(not the onion, garlic
family),leaves from house plants and the like will keep your worms
happy.  Try some of last years leaves scrunched up.  If its food they
are looking for that will help.  You might also want to create a new
bottom layer.  Hay is the best, dry leaves the second.  They both absord
moisture but it takes a lot to sog it down.  If they are happy in their
home then they wont try to leave.  I would look at these things and
maybe your problem is there.