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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #369

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Date: 26 February 1999 09:00
Subject: Live Foods Digest V2 #369

> daphnia
>From: "Vern Wensley" <vernwen at home_com>
>Subject: daphnia
Assume the containers you are talking about are deep dustbins, daph does not
do well in deep containers 18 inch maximum is about the deepest you want to
go so look for some other containers. I use washing up bowls ect. No need to
make up exotic mixtures to feed the daph on simply buy some GRAM FLOUR (used
in indian cookery to make onion bargees) and mix some with water or simply
sprinkle some on the surface. It is ground yellow chick peas and is all I
ever use to feed all my water based cultures.
More info on our web site. (Viviparous)


look under the back pages were you will find a page on cultivating daphnia.

the site will be updated soon with a new look.