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Re: Real Plants

Paul Jarvis wrote:
> Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 20:24:21 -0700
> From: mantis at midrivers_com (Paul)
> Subject: Real Plants
>  Wright Huntley wrote:
> "Almost by definition, "Grass Shrimp" are not true salt-water shrimp, for
> no real plants will grow in pure sea water."
> Sorry for this but I just cannot let this slide by.
> What are caulerpa, they are definitly a marine plant, although not
> vascularized. 

My apologies for not being clear on that. There are many, many marine
"seaweeds" that are all algae, including *Cauperpa*, kelps, etc. I was
carelessly using the APD-style distinction that the world of underwater
botany is divided into algae (bad) and "real plants" (good). :-)

> However there are turtle grasses and marine grasses that live
> in the water on the Puget Sound that resemble freshwater valisneria. The
> last two are vascular plants.

Just as similar grasses live in Tampa Bay and some (very restricted)
parts of San Francisco Bay. These higher plants actually do make it in
highly brackish conditions, but never are found in sea water not diluted
by *some* fresh water, AFAIK. Puget Sound is a classic example. The
influx of fresh water is huge there.

> Yes there are plants which grow in "pure sea water".

But I still believe all are algae. I'm aware of no exceptions.

> Sorry for the flame and off the subject of live foods.

Don't apologize for requiring me to clarify what I meant. We rely on
information here, so if I'm still wrong about higher plants not living
in open sea water, I certainly hope some botanist jumps in and corrects

BTW, and to extend or refocus this off-topic thread a bit, I'm keeping a
*Caulerpa* species in brackish water with one of my killies. The SG is
only about 1.01. I doubt if it will grow much, but after several weeks
it seems to be surviving. Many of the brackish fish need live plant
matter in their diet, so I'm delighted when I can add anything to the
"green water" algae (*Spirulina*?), Java moss and Java fern that will
survive in such conditions.

Is that a sneaky way to get back on topic, or what? Well, plants *are*
alive aren't they?


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