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Re: Hydra elimination (was LFD V2 #353

Hello Bob,

You are right, that depending on pH the toxicity of ammonia will vary.
The tank I used this method on was slightly acidic and it worked fine.

To be safe, one could first add half the amount and seeing no distress
in fish, add the rest.



> If the pH in my tank were much above 7.8, I would be terrified to add that
> much ammonia to my tank.  Best get it down to below 7.0 before trying this.
> Or would that make the treatment ineffective?
> Bob Dixon

> George writes:
> > It surprised me, that nobody mentioned the old stand-by ammonium nitrate
> >  (NH4NO3, available in garden supply stores) that is mentioned by W.T.
> >  Innes.
> >
> >  The dosage recommended is 5 grains/US gallon, or 85 milligrams/liter,
> >  added dissolved in a small amount of water. It is said to be safe for
> >  fish and plants. In 24 hours the hydra are gone.