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Re: Hydra "cure"

> Does anyone know of a safe and effective way to remove/kill hydra

It surprised me, that nobody mentioned the old stand-by ammonium nitrate
(NH4NO3, available in garden supply stores) that is mentioned by W.T.

The dosage recommended is 5 grains/US gallon, or 85 milligrams/liter,
added dissolved in a small amount of water. It is said to be safe for
fish and plants. In 24 hours the hydra are gone. 

Years ago, I had a need for this treatment (only once) and it worked
like a charm! Since then I do not use "wild" live foods and did not have
a reinfestation.

C.W. Emmens recommends practically the same dosage -- 90 mg/L -- of
ammonium nitrite [NH4NO2, typo?] or sulphate [(NH4)2SO4]. 

Apparently it is the high concentration of ammonia that kills the hydra,
before seriously harming fish. By the way, at 85 mg/L of NH4NO3 the NH3
concentration will be about 18 ppm. The sulphate will weigh in at about
23 ppm of ammonia (NH3).

After the hydra disappear, I would recommend a massive water change!