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Re: getting rid of hydra

panacur 100 at the rate of 1 ml to 100 litres kills hydra.   The active
ingredient of panacur is 100g/l FENBENDAZOLE.   It is a worm drench for
horses sold in Australia.   I don't know what the equivalent is in US or
where ever you are.   I have used it in rainbowfish aquaria without any
trouble.   I think there is a reference to it in one of the Aquarium
Frontiers On-Line issues  http://www.aquariumfrontiers.com/

>Date: Sun, 07 Feb 1999 19:20:30 -0600
>From: David Mentjes <dmentjes at execpc_com>
>Subject: getting rid of hydra
>Does anyone know of a safe and effective way to remove/kill hydra in a tank
>that currently contains several juvenile Melanotaenia praecox and some live
>plants?  Unfortunately, the hydra are doing as well as the rainbowfish
>since I feed the tank baby brine shrimp on a regular basis.  An
>acquaintenance mentioned a two day course of Fluke tabs has worked for him
>in the past.  What is the active ingredient in this medication?  Has anyone
>else used it successfully?  Will it do anything negative to the fish,
>plants, or biological filtration?  Any helpful advice is appreciated.
>Thanks, David