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Re: Culturing Daphnia indoors

> I am looking for a simple way to culture
> daphnia indoors.Any info will be a great help.Thanks,Vern.

I have a 30 gallon plastic tub (Kmart) which has some leaves in
the bottom and is about 3/4's filled with old tank water. I innoculated
it with daphnia from my outdoor culture last fall. Every few days
I dip my plant watering can (1gallon) into the tub and take out
a gallon of water with daphnia in it. I strain this through a
fine mesh kitchen strainer into a 1 gallon jar. The daphnia are
caught in the strainer and they go to the fish tanks. The water
goes back into the plant watering can and then I water my house
plants and I add one gallon of fresh water or old tank water to
the daphnia tub. This keeps my fish happy, the daphnia happy and
my plants happy (the water is high in 'plant food'). The tub is
in my kitchen on the floor and the water temperature is about 65F.