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Brime Ship

Hello out there in the Live food world! I know that everyone has probably 
already answered a ton of questions on brime shrimp, but I hope everyone 
doesn't mind a few more. :) I recently hatched some brime shrimp in a small 
tank (approx 2 gal). Temp approx. 89-90 deg F I'm keeping it constanly 
aerated. I have not placed a sponge/filter in the tank, nor is there any 
type of filtration in there. Should there be? What can I use? Should I do 
water changes instead? I do have Aretima food, the kind that is usually 
sold in fish stores. How regularly should they be fed? The whole purpose of 
attempting this is to just see if I can get them to maturity. I read 
somewhere  that raising brime shrimp was rather difficult and not worth it. 
I was wondering if this was true. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks for the