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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #336

   > I was wondering what the breeders feed "feeder" goldfish or rosies. Are 
> these really nutritious?
Feeder fish are kept in crowded conditions and lightly fed if at all. They are
stressed and in those conditions, one of the things lost is some vitamin
content. It's a good idea to set these feeders up in a tank where they can
settle in and be fed a quality fish food. Just before feeding the goldfish to
the predator fish, a final flake meal will enhance their food value when
> >I have a salt tank and feed only frozen food.
I don't know how much you can generalize this, but specifically, goldfish fed
to lionfish cause a fatty degeneration that causes sudden death with no
warning symptoms. Necropsy shows fat builds up and finally blocks function.
May I ask some details about your tank?What are you feeding? Lionfish, morays,
groupers? Do you feed anything besides meat items, possibly such as kelp,
dried seaweed, flake food, pellets? Feel free to email me or post to Cleveland
Saltwater Enthusiasts Association webpage:  http://www.c-sea.org