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Re: Feeder goldfish

> Non-member submission from [DYmonHead at aol_com]
> I was wondering what the breeders feed "feeder" goldfish or rosies. Are these
> really nutritious? I have a salt tank and feed only frozen food. (
> silversides,krill,cockle,etc). Someone suggested that maybe frozen food is
> lacking in vitamins. Are live "feeders" full of vitamins? Thanks in advance.
> Feel free to e-mail me.

I've read before that it's better to feed marine fish on marine food. 
It's something about the type of fats in the marine food versus the
freshwater food.  Unfortunately, the only marine-ish live food that I
usually see at the aquarium store is brine shrimp, and these are reputed
to not have the fatty acids that some marine fish need.

David W. Webb
Live-Foods list administrator