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Re: Tubifex (was LFD V2 #333

Hello Scott,

The potato as food for Tubifex is mentioned in Lutz, Welch & Galtsoff's
"Culture Methods for Invertebrate Animals" (1937), but only as an
example of "organic matter" that the worms will eat, along with cow
manure, etc.

I have fed Tubifex with ground-up dry cat food, but overfeeding easily
leads to complete oxygen depletion and a crash of the culture. It seems
that Tubifex can live at *almost* 0% O2 saturation, but not in anoxic
conditions. (Perhaps not crushing the pellets, but just burrying them in
the mud, would work better, offering less surface area to bacteria, i.e.
slowing down the decomposition and oxygen depletion. Have to try it.)



>     In fact, has anybody ever tried putting a piece of potato in with a
> batch of worms? One of our local killie people has raised blackworms using
> dried dog chow in a tank of worms and peat moss. I am a little leery of
> using the dog food in the refrigerator however. However, has this been done?
>     Thanks,
>     Scott Davis