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Re: Starch & Daphnia (was LFDt V2 #330

Hello Bob,

I agree, that starch *alone* would NOT support Daphnia reproduction for
the long run. Hawever, if the water has sufficient minerals present,
then the *bacteria*, which will grow on the starch substrate, will
provide a suitable food for Daphnia.

Also, work done at Ghent shows that "micronized" cereal bran can be used
as primary food to grow Daphnia, Artemia, etc. Of course, bran is rich
in minerals and fiber. Daphnia seem to be omnivores, but not all foods
bring the same reproductive success.


> > Has anyone tried plain cooking starch?  While this would be low in
> >  nutrition would it not be good suspended calories?  (I have not looked
> >  for the chickpea flour yet.)
> But that's all it would be is calories.  Starch is a comples sugar, containing
> no protien, no vitamins, no minerals.  The daphnia would probably fill their
> micro-gullets while starving to death.
> Bob Dixon
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