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Fruit Fly Trap


I too have had fruit fly problems.  I draw the line when they start landing
in the foam on my glass of beer.

A classic funnel trap is a good way to get most of them.

1) Put some mashed banana and yeast in a quart jar.
2) Construct a funnel by twisting a piece of regular letter paper into a
cone shape and tape it in that shape.
3) The tip of the cone should come to a small hole about 1/8 of an inch.
The cone should have enough of an angle so that it can be placed in the
mouth of the jar with the tip about half-way down, but well above the banana
4) For extra security you can tape the funnel to the jar.
5) Flies will find there way in but have a hard time finding the way out.
6) When there are finally so many flies in the jar that they are leaving at
the same rate as they're arriving,  discard the old jar and start a new one.