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Re: Mite eradication

Hello Lars,

For some reason I find mites very unsightly and so I am trying to live
without them :-).

One way one can ged rid a Grindal worm culture of mites, is to collect a
portion of the Grindal worms and place them in a tall glass full of
water. Mites float to the top. Pour them off, add more water, stir the
worms, wait 2-3 minutes, decant the mites again. Repeat the process
until no more mites float to the top. Looking at an angle to the water
surface, against the light, helps to see them as small disturbances in
the water surface reflection.

After no more mites a seen, repeat the process five more times, or so.
There alqays seem to be "stragglers" and it insures that no eggs are

The secret of preventing a mite reinfestation is to build a "moat", so
that they can not get back in. 

To make a "moat", the easiest way is with "TangleFoot" (or a similar
product) -- a gooi substance used to prevent caterpillars crawling up a
tree. Available from garden supply stores. Smear it around your
container of fresh -- and *mite free* -- soil and you are protected as
long as the goo is sticky (which is several years!).

Automotive grease -- the stuff you put in your differential -- also
works, but is much messier.

The third method is a "real moat" -- water surrounding your container.
If you keep your worms in a sweater box, then place it inside a kitty
litter box (or a suitable basin) and fill the basin with water. It is
simple, but requires constant attention -- if water evaporates, the
mites will return!

> I would appreciate some advice on mites in my grindal worm culture. Do they
> cause damage to the worms themselves or feed on the worms food? What is the
> best way of eradicating them?
> Thanks for the help.
> Lars
> Stormniel at aol_com