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Michael Hissom wrote,

>Bentley, I also interested in the aquatic isopods, can you go in to 
>detail about how you culture them?  How big of containers, water 
>harvesting, and yields? What's the biggest isopods you have ever seen? 

Hi Michael,
My present isopod culture is is relatively small and new.  They seem to 
be thriving so far but there is no evidence of reproduction as of yet.
As I mentioned my culture container is an old fridge crisper drawer.  I 
find that it serves the purpose well because it is shallow and has 
proportionally a very large surface area.  The water is gently aerated 
using an airstone.  The bottom is littered with leaves for the isopods 
to hide under and to consume.  Occasionally I put some flake fish food 
(well rinsed) in and it seems to be consumed readily.  Isopods are easy 
to please when it comes to feeding.  Any scraps of vegetable matter or 
dead animal matter will do.  
I'm actually currently keeping my isopods in the same container as my 
small thriving blackworm culture. The two creatures don't bother each 
other at all.  To ensure success with the isopods I would recommend 
keeping them in their own container however, so as to eliminate any 
competition with other species.
In previous cultures of Isopods I have seen incredible reproductive 
ability.  One such group of isopods was kept in a culture tank for my 
waterfleas (Simocephalus).  The funny thing is I wasn't even paying any 
attention to the group of isopods I had thrown in.  This particular tank 
was about 20 gal, with no lighting, heavily aerated, and a lot of mulm 
on the bottom.  The only food I put in was liquified yeast for the 
fleas.  One day i looked in and there were literally thousands of baby 
isopods all over the glass and the bottom.  Unfortunately I didn't 
collect a bunch and put them in a separate tank. After a couple of days 
they had all but disappeared--likely from over-crowding.
Anyways, I hope this has helped Michael. Sorry to ramble so long.
Any other questions--feel free to e-mail me personally.

Bentley Christie

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